CONGRATULATIONS to Herefordshire Council on finding many new and exciting ways to slow down traffic.

In addition to the (quite necessary) myriads of chicanes and sleeping policemen around the county, I see that the bricklaid streets in Leominster are extremely uneven, so no car can be driven at more than 10mph.


The tarmac-laid roads have a bumpy surface all over the county, well interspersed with potholes and metal plates to get at phone lines, gas, electricity, sewers and the like, which makes any travel extremely bumpy, thus slowing down traffic; in fact the driver has to spend so much time looking at the road surface that he sometimes neglects to spot other traffic hazards such as cyclists and pedestrians.


If there is no other way to slow down traffic, a carefully dug hole in the road left for a few weeks seems to get the traffic to a standstill, and, of course, if many cars are damaged by these obstructions, it keeps them off the roads.

So well done Herefordshire Council: Keep it up, and spread the word to other councils!



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