MONSTERS at every turn, jumping off a tower into darkness, and putting one foot in front metres in air trying not to fall; South Wales’ Halloween experience certainly terrified.

The adventure company, which is just over an hour away from Hereford in Aberdare, held its event Monsters of the Mine, that is now core memory.

I expected a few people with masks on dotted around, scaring you from afar, but there was a whole lot more than that.

My rational brain was telling me to ignore the monster with one of the scariest faces I’ve seen, but when I lay in the middle of my front seats with its face directly over mine making horrendous noises, it was hard to have any sensible thoughts.


Instead, a scream mixed with uncontrollable laughter came out of my mouth, which continued as I watched my friend get chased around the car park.

The queue to get into Zip World itself did not get any less scary.

Monsters of all shapes and sizes preyed on those most afraid. My friend and I unfortunately fell into that category.

They even went into the toilets.

As we sat in the minibus to the zip wire tower, we were glad of a small break from screaming, but this was not for long. As soon as we arrived one jumped in through the back doors.


Unfortunately, I was sat at the back and suffered its wrath as it sat next to me.

But once we were safe from one scary element, another lurked above us.

We watched others as they zipped down the world's fastest seated zip line into the darkness, unsure of what was below.

But as I jumped off myself, it is fair to say it was a perfectly thrilling experience.

Our next adventure was the tower, which had four levels metres above the ground all with different courses to take, some harder than others.

There was also a bar and bistro selling food and drink all with spooky names to fit the theme.

I’ve never had such a terrifying and utterly brilliant experience in my life.