A SHOP has told of why it has made the decision to move in Hereford a year after it opened.

Nerdvana Comics and Collectables is run by husband-and-wife team David and Amber Insell.

Mr Insell said comics and collectables have been a big interest of his for a long time. He got into the industry by selling his own childhood toys online.

The shop first began in Leominster, three years prior to its move to Maylord Orchards in November 2021.

But the shop has now moved to Church Street and is open for customers.


The pair have long looked at having a shop in Church Street as they love the independent nature of the stores and the feel and aesthetic of the street, they said.

“The quirky historic buildings and the views and sounds of the Cathedral are a huge plus too,” said Mr and Mrs Insell.

“Our customers can expect us to have a new fresher range, including premium lines that will be hard to find even in larger cities. We'll also be stocking greater amounts of brand-new comics and figures.


“And we often have in harder to find figures and Pokémon cards. There will be plenty of other new ideas and lines as we go along over the next few years.”

The products on sale, a mixture of comic books, toys, figurines, and collectables, is mainly aimed towards adults, with a mixture of vintage and modern products on offer.

Some of their 3,000 comics date back to the 1960s, with some including rare first appearances of famous comic-book characters.