A NEW shop has opened in Hereford for fans of comic books and vintage toys.

Nerdvana Comics and Collectables, in Gomond Street, is run by husband-and-wife team David and Amber Insell. They officially open the doors to their new shop today.

The products on sale, a mixture of comic books, toys, figurines and collectables, is mainly aimed towards adults, with a mixture of vintage and modern products on offer.


Star Wars collectables are big business for Nerdvana

Star Wars collectables are big business for Nerdvana


Some of their 3,000 comics date back to the 1960s, with some including rare first appearances of famous comic-book characters.

As well as their range of Marvel and DC comics, the shop has a range of classic film merchandise.

Star Wars collectables are also a big thing for the business, and the shop stores plenty of merchandise from the famous film series.


The shop opens this weekend

The shop opens this weekend


Mr Insell said comics and collectables have been a big interest of his for a long time. He got into the industry by selling his own childhood toys online.

For the last three years, he and his wife have run Nerdvana from a shop in Leominster. They made the move to Hereford as they wanted a bigger shop with more room for displays.

Mr Insell said a lot of their customers in Leominster came from Hereford, and with the city's bigger population, they felt they could attract even more customers.


The shop sells models and toys of legendary comic book characters

The shop sells models and toys of legendary comic book characters


"You couldn't swing a cat in our old shop, but it showed us that if we can do it in Leominster, we can do it in Hereford. We're very passionate about it," he said.

He said shops like Nerdvana were not common sights on British high streets.

"People say it's a really unique. A lot of these kinds of things are sold online, but there aren't many shops for them," he said.

"People like being able to see what they're buying and the condition they're in. Sometimes, when you buy things online they aren't the same in real life."

Mrs Insell said she had been looking forward to the shop opening.

"It's exciting. It's something that Hereford has been missing for a long time," she said.