A MOTHER has turned to others for help after finding a large spider in her Herefordshire home.

Skye Joy, of Sutton St Nicholas, found the big bodied long-legged spider in the conservatory.

With two young children, one nearly four and the other four months old, the room is their playroom.

She believes it is still there, but it only comes out at night.

But Ms Joy and her partner have not seen it for two nights so are not sure if it has moved.


Shocked at what she had found she asked her friends on Facebook if anyone knew what it was.

“I usually hoover the spiders but look at the size,” she said.

Herefordshire Wildlife Rescue co-founder Dr Sasha Norris said it was a false widow spider.

Last week a false widow was also found on a petrol pump at Sainsbury's, in Hereford.

False widow spiders have shiny, black bodies and can be as big as a 50p coin. They have round bodies and will have markings resembling skulls on their abdomens.

The Natural History Museum said they love conservatories and toilet blocks, window frames, porches, lots and garages and they like to live beneath kitchen appliances and cupboards.


Although not particularly venomous, it is related to the world’s deadliest spider species, the black widow and a bite from the spider can lead to hospital treatment.

The warning comes after a man had to spend five days in hospital after being bitten by a false widow spider on holiday in the UK.

But the false widow is one of 12 species known to bitten humans in the UK and according to the Natural History Museum, being bitten by one can feel like a wasp sting.

“Bites usually result from handling the spider roughly or perhaps having it trapped between clothing and skin,” said a spokesperson.