STUDENTS from a Herefordshire secondary school have had their say on new King Charles III for a feature by a BBC news programme.

Regional news programme Midlands Today visited Queen Elizabeth High School in Bromyard to ask students their opinions.

Year 11 pupils Sam Webb, Kinga Kaminska, Tom Buckle, and Elsa Harper spoke to Ben Godfrey as part of a feature on the future of the monarchy after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

They reflected on the life and reign of the Queen and looked forward to the future under the new King.


They are looking to Charles III to modernise the monarchy and be more inclusive.

Elsa Harper said it would be good for him to continue to be outspoken on issues affecting people as he did while he was Prince of Wales.

She said: "It would be nice for him to be able to openly speak about things outside the monarchy, such as climate change and charities."

Tom Buckle said first impressions were important. He said that people would use the first year of his reign and make assumptions about what sort of King he was going to be.


Kinga Kaminska agreed about how important people's perceptions of Charles would be to his popularity as monarch.

She said: "In the past, he has had bad press, so a lot of people doubted him. But he has been able to step into this role quite fast."

Sam Webb was looking to the new King to carry on his mother's legacy of being a figure that the country can rely on.

He said: "If he can just be there for us, be a good figurehead, that's all we can ask of him really."