A VENOMOUS spider has been pictured on a pump at a petrol station in Hereford.

A spider, that appeared to be a false widow, was seen at Sainsbury’s, in Barton Yard off Whitecross Road, earlier this week.

They are usually mistaken for black widows, which are venomous.

These spiders can inflict a painful bite, but they are not usually aggressive to humans, and being bitten is rare, according to Eden District Council.

Co-founder of Herefordshire Wildlife Rescue Dr Sasha Norris said from looking at the photos it is a false widow spider.


Although false widows do have a venomous bite, the venom is not particularly potent, according to the Natural History Museum.

“Usually, the only symptom is pain at the site which may radiate away from the bite. It ordinarily lasts between one and 12 hours, and rarely for more than 24 hours,” said a spokesperson.

Sainsbury’s has been approached for a comment.