WE have a national scandal happening again under this Government: The Cost of Living Crisis.

I use capitals due to our MPs not appearing to notice.

There is no call to reconvene Parliament. No calls for the end of the Tory race and to get back to work. This is serious.

While the scandal goes on we can lay it squarely at this Government’s door.


The Government is missing in action and the date nears for the energy price hike in October, the silence is deafening, not only from our own MPs or the Government but also from local government.

The scandal is that there is no word from any of them about how we will protect our people and our communities from this.


We have no poverty strategy here, no means of identifying those at risk, those who will die, it is that serious.

It is being played down while people wait for handouts. When will any government department stand up and say that it understands the gravity of the situation?

People are scared, people will starve, people will freeze to death. Wake up, the lot of you! 




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