HEREFORDSHIRE Council always amaze me. It demolishes prefabs at Hunderton and Hinton in Hereford replacing them with modern bungalows, then chooses to build 120 unsightly prefabricated homes off College Road.

Is the plan to open a resource centre and move the library to Maylord Orchards the original intention or a manoeuvre to rationalise the questionable purchase of the site?

Shopping centres need shops, not resource centres and libraries.

The resource centre will incur taxpayers’ money to run and the economic contribution to the town centre will be minimal.


My disquiet with Herefordshire Council is it appears the so-called independents are propping up the Greens and not the opposite, as is being portrayed.

Overzealous green agendas are wasting millions of taxpayers’ money be it from council tax or central government.

The cycle lane in St Owen Street is to be made bidirectional, which no doubt will please the town hall employees.


Why are motorists penalised? St Owen Street is plenty wide enough for two-way traffic.

The bypass must be reinstated by a new administration after the next elections. 

Twice in recent weeks I have been in a continuous queue of traffic from Ross to Hereford due to congestion in the city.




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