I WAS delighted to read that donations have secured the Herefordshire Hoard for the county, having been fascinated by the talk from the British Museum curator which outlined the great significance of the find and its place in history.

Tourism could and should be an important feature for the future prosperity of the city and a new museum to showcase the Viking find would go along way to secure an added interest to visit our lovely area.

Our museum has many unseen treasures in safe keeping in the Friar Street resource centre, including a magnificent collection of historic textiles that deserves the environment in which to safely display them for public viewing.


Hopefully, the new museum would have the necessary facilities to do this as the collection could add interest for visiting tourists.

It would also be a wonderful achievement if we could see the return of the Bacton Altar cloth, a beautiful fragment of one of Queen Elizabeth I’s dresses, at present stored in London.


We need to celebrate our historic past as part of our future prosperity. 

Hopefully, Herefordshire Council will move swiftly to build the new museum so we can enjoy our heritage.




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