WITH regards to the pedestrian crossing being installed along the A438 at Lugwardine, I am writing to enquire if the works will ever be completed.

Workmen from Balfour Beatty have been on site since the start of August.

During this time, they have worked about two-and-ahalf hours a day.

The taxpayer is paying this company to complete a job but from what I have seen, it appears that to work for Balfour Beatty you turn up at 8am, walk about for 20 minutes assessing yesterday’s work, then stand watching the traffic that you are disrupting with a plan of the works in your hand.


Then you have a tea break, then more standing, then lunch, then more standing, then pack up to clock off at 3pm.

I wish I had a job where I could get paid to do very little.


Now we are told they are 10 days behind and the crossing won’t be operational until the start of November because the computer equipment wasn’t ordered in time.

The council should sack the lot of them and then put out to tender to builders who want to work. 

Fiona Harris




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