READING the Hereford Times last week (August 11), I was so pleased to read Sir Bill Wiggin’s piece, which included his support for Ms Truss as the next Prime Minister.

It is such a comfort to know that the possible PM has a keen interest in the issues and has a clear plan to deliver for the people of Herefordshire.

Great! She is going to attend to rolling out full-fibre broadband, fixing blank spots in phone coverage and internet reception and repairing our
minor roads.


Ms Truss must be a truly remarkable woman with such attention to the woes of Herefordshire (perhaps she thought she was speaking in
Hertfordshire, which is richer?).


If Wonder Woman is actually elevated to being PM, please publish my letter of request in September 2023 asking Sir Bill how things have improved for

I guess that any reply will be short.

Chris Bivand




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