I WANT to alert readers - particularly residents in the St Martin’s Street vicinity, users of the swimming pool/gym and the car park, those who enjoy the meadows, playing fields and children’s playground, dog walkers – of a proposed development which will impact detrimentally on all of us.

The proposal is for the toilet block in the St Martin’s Avenue car park to be converted into an alcohol outlet, including an off licence.


It is called Golden Wake Distillery and would operate from 10am to 10pm, seven days a week. Twelve hours, every day.

It is an ill-conceived and dangerous proposal, threatening the safety, peace and welfare of everyone who would be at risk from alcohol abuse and antisocial behaviour.

There are already plenty of established pubs in the area.


The only way to stop this development is to formally object by completing the form on the council website before September 6.

It is in everybody’s interests to act now before it is too late.




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