A LOST mansion has been revealed as water levels fall because of hot weather in the Elan Valley.

The Caban-Coch reservoir is one of four valleys in the area, and an old mansion that usually lurks below the water can now be found on its edge.

It can be found an hour and a half from Herefordshire with other reservoirs nearby. 

The large manor house of Nantgwyllt, one of two historic houses lost to the Elan dams scheme, was in the lower valley of the River Claerwen, close to its meeting point with the Elan River, according to the Elan Valley website.


It was linked with the poet Shelley who was desperate to secure it in 1812 as a home in which to settle with his new young wife Harriet.

Nantgwyllt had been for many generations the family home of the ancient Lewis Lloyd family.

It was recorded that one of the most striking features of the interior of the house was a very broad and imposing staircase made of old oak.

Today this broad vale to the east lies beneath the large expanse of Caban Coch reservoir, which fills the lower valleys of the two rivers, and which covers the site of Nantgwyllt House.


A touring guide published in 1892 said that Nantgwyllt mansion is on the borders of the Claerwen, which is here, perhaps, even more beautiful than the Elan.

On the lawn between the house and the stream some fine larches are noteworthy.

The stream ran past the western side of the house and down into the river Claerwen below.

Now the road which leads up the valley to the Claerwen dam of 1952 crosses the Nantgwyllt stream over a small bridge, which serves as a reminder of the lost house beneath the waters to visitors.