AFTER recent reports of rape in Hereford we asked people living in Herefordshire what more needs to be done to improve safety at night in the city.

Two rapes have been reported in one area of Hereford in recent weeks.

On August 7, a woman told paramedics she had been raped on the river path near the Victoria Bridge over the Wye between 9pm and 10pm.

This followed an earlier report, on July 31, when a woman was raped further down the river path, between Greyfriars Bridge and The Lines.

Women from around Herefordshire responded by commenting on the Hereford Times Facebook page about the need for more lighting, CCTV, and police presence.


Many are asking places to be made safer so more people can walk and cycle through the different areas of the city, as well as more police patrolling different areas.

Others asked for more education on consent in schools and in the general community to prevent sexual assaults from happening.

Those using the The Lines to walk through the city want more CCTV along the riverside paths.

They also wondered about money spent on ensuring safety by Herefordshire Council.

The Herefordshire Community Safety Partnership's Safer Streets activity, funded by the Home Office and led by Herefordshire Council for the city, will be providing training, programs, and funding for the county.


Funding was provided for 40 CCTV cameras in areas identified by women and girls identified in a survey as being places they felt nervous. These locations will also see landscaping and lighting improvements where needed.

This comes as a part of the Time for Change campaign, which calls on every person in Herefordshire to play their part in ending male violence against women and girls, and it formally launched on June 23.

It will encourage people to help put a stop to unacceptable male behaviours and deep-rooted misogyny, said a Herefordshire Council spokesperson.