FOUR more people have shown their support for Lidl’s plan to demolish Hereford’s Three Counties Hotel, saying it will benefit the area and low-income families.

The opportunity to comment on plans closed yesterday (May 9).

A total of 172 objections flooded in for Lidl's planning application to demolish the Belmont Road hotel.

Only one letter of support had been sent to Herefordshire Council last month when comments initially opened, by Keith Bond, who lives more than two miles away on the College Estate - but since then six more have been submitted.

Some residents have called the plans "stupid" and "ridiculous", while others had fears for children’s safety if the development goes ahead.


But Four people living in the area and who use Belmont Road weekly have shown their support for the supermarkets plans last week.

Plans submitted by Lidl suggest around 2,500 cars a day could visit the site, where the budget supermarket chain has also asked Herefordshire Council for outline permission for a drive-thru coffee unit.

Andrew Davies, of Prinknash Close, in Belmont, said it would be beneficial for the area to have a low-cost supermarket, and that it could have a positive effect on traffic, as shoppers would not have to travel to the north side of the city.

“The objections made on this application stating that the road is congested from 7am to 6pm are completely inaccurate,” he said.

“Belmont Road moves freely and without major congestion once the main rush hour periods of the day are over.”


Ellie Barratt-Thompson, of Madley, said in her letter of support that although she agrees that there needs to be consideration for the road due to the “horrendous” traffic, she believes the supermarket should go ahead.

“I fully support this application with extreme financial hard times upon most of us, south side of the river needs a budget supermarket,” said Ms Barratt-Thompson.

“I currently shop at Lidl and must travel to the other side of the river. With the increase of fuel prices this is becoming taxing on money to get to the Lidl on the northside.”

Meanwhile, Richard Cuthbert, of Waggoners way, by Ross Road, said he is looking forward to the plans being implemented.

The final letter of support is from Ed Rowe, who said Belmont is in desperate need of a supermarket which can cater for low-income families.

“The nearby supermarkets are just too expensive, and the offering of Farm Foods is no different,” he said.


It will also bring more much needed local jobs to the area and boost the economy, he said.

“Although I would be sad to see the Three Counties Hotel demolished - without much needed investment and refurbishment - its future hangs yet again in the balance.”

The traffic on Belmont Road needs to be dealt with as a separate issue by the council, he said.

“This is a win-win for resident with more choice, local job creation, creates competition between established supermarkets.

“It's about time Hereford gets into the modern age and welcome big business and chains rather than turning it down.”