A HEREFORD Parish Council has spoken out about Lidl’s plans for the Three Counties Hotel.

Tracy Bowes, ward councillor for Belmont Rural, warned people that for a planning application to be declined there would need to be reasons that could stand up in a court of law.

Although objections voiced by the public in a meeting at the Kindle Centre yesterday evening were valid, they may not be enough to stop the plans for going ahead, she said.

Belmont Parish Council also had a chance to show their concerns.


The parish councillors said they would be submitting a formal objection today (May 6) after unanimously voting to oppose the application.

Desiree Parish said the hotel had been a valued establishment, holding weddings, conferences, and events, over the years.

“It is a true asset to Hereford,” she said.

The green area at the front of the hotel currently has a pond, fountain, and numerous trees.

If plans go ahead for Lidl this will be removed and new trees will be planted.

“The intrusive construction is outrageous and not in keeping with the area,” said Ms Parish.


This will also be a loss of animal habitat, she said.

She also pointed out that there are also supermarkets, amenities and a McDonald's all within a mile of Belmont Road.

“Do we really need another supermarket? Absolutely not,” she said.

Chairman Adrian Bridges also said he had serious reservations about the plans.

He said there would not be adequate space for the number of cars expected to use the site.

“The traffic will cause chaos.”

The plans show the road will be widened to allow more room for traffic.

“This is putting a sticks and plaster over the traffic issues,” said Mr Bridges.

He also reiterated that it was not in-keeping with the area, a point many of the public at the meeting also mentioned.

Reasons for this were due to the environmental impact, the increased traffic, congestion, highway safety, noise pollution, and loss of habitat.

An official objection from the parish council has not yet appeared on the council’s planning portal website (2.15pm, May 6).