A controversial application to build a McDonald’s at a Herefordshire town has been withdrawn, but not for good.

The planned fast food outlet on the edge of Ross-on-Wye has been the source of much passionate debate for and against in recent months.

With a drive-through and prominent signage, it would have been at the roundabout where the A40 meets the A449 to the north-east of the town.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We have withdrawn our initial application to make some changes to our plans, including a revised layout with a much enhanced landscaping scheme.

“We will submit our new application in due course.”


National Highways, which manages both trunk roads, recommended in March that permission not be granted “for a period of three months pending submission of further information”, citing concerns over pedestrian and cycle access, and “geotechnical impacts” from the planned sewer.

It said it had first made these concerns known in December, but “since no new information has been submitted, our concerns remain current”.

The application drew 221 objections and 97 submissions of support locally.

Ross-on-Wye Town Council also objected, citing concerns over design, signage, walking and cycling, impact on views and on employment in the town centre.

No “retail impact assessment” on the restaurant’s likely effect on the town had been carried out as required, the town council said.