A HEREFORD church was trending on social media site Reddit this week... and the reason why might surprise you.

Visitors to the site on Monday were greeted by a picture of the interior of Hereford's All Saints Church, which topped the list of 'most popular' posts.

The post, which featured a picture of an 'imp', a wooden carving featuring a naked male figure in a rude pose found in the church certainly garnered plenty of interest. 

The post, by Redditor Stotallytob3r, told readers that the carving had been hidden where nobody could see it at the time.

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Many speculated on the reasons for carving such a figure, with some suggesting it was done by a carpenter who had not been paid what he felt his work deserved, while others concluded it was done for a laugh.


Lewd, naked carvings are well-documented in churches, with the most prevalent being carvings of females exposing their genitalia and known as 'sheela na gigs'. 

The carvings are thought to be intended to ward off death, evil, and demons.

Examples can be seen at churches across the country, including Kilpeck in Herefordshire.

The mischievous carving at All Saints, dating back hundreds of years, was hidden in the rafters of the church, unseen by visitors until a gallery was built to house a cafe, set up by Bill Sewell in the 1990s.