FIREWORKS will never be allowed at a Herefordshire venue again after a display sparked dozens of complaints.

People living near Crumplebury in Whitbourne, near Bromyard, took to social media on Saturday night to complain that they were not warned about a fireworks display at the venue, which had upset their animals.

The 10pm display left animals in surrounding fields spooked, with some escaping their fields and needing to be rounded up, locals said.

"I videoed it so you can clearly hear how loud it was echoing across the valley, it was insane," wrote Kate Magpie on Facebook group

"Luckily our dogs are both deaf, but I'm not and I ran outside wondering what the hell was going on, ridiculous."

Many agreed with Kate on her post, which gathered dozens of comments.

Councillor Nigel Shaw, who represents the Bromyard Bringsty ward, was one of those to comment.

"I would ask that everyone that was affected by last night's event writes an email to environmental health to complain [to Herefordshire Council's noise nuisance team]," he wrote.

"I have done so. I live over 2km away and I was startled by the salvos which must have been particularly loud to be heard over the TV in our front room that faces away from Crumplebury. I have also written to the Head of Regulatory Enforcement and the Chief Executive asking them either to instigate action for the planning breaches outstanding or to come to a public meeting in Whitbourne to explain why."


In response to the complaints, Joe and Keeley Evans of Crumplebury have now reportedly written to neighbours vowing to never allow fireworks at the venue again.

In an email to locals shared on social media, the couple said they deeply regretted allowing the display to happen and took full responsibility, writing that they had provision to host fireworks on up to four evenings per year and should have made their neighbours aware in advance.

"Given the events of the past 18 months, we have been feeling frightened about raising our heads above the parapet and reaching out directly to our local community, and so whilst we did notify Herefordshire Council and the parish council (and had assumed the message would get around), we now know that some people did not know about it. We failed in our responsibility," they wrote.

They said they were mortified at the upset and worry that had been caused by fireworks far bigger and louder than they were expecting, and that they had thought a select few displays would have been acceptable at Crumplebury.

"We should have known better and permitting the display in the first place was a terrible management decision.

"With immediate effect, I have changed our noise management policy and from this point forward, fireworks will never be allowed at Crumplebury."