AN ABUSIVE man has called out police for walking into his room without knocking while he was on the toilet.

Joshua Newbury admitted using threatening and abusive words and behaviour when he appeared before magistrates in Hereford.

He had been spotted outside a supported living home he was banned from visiting in Hereford on July 12, prosecutor Elizabeth Blacklock said.

The home's manager reported hearing him swearing, slurring his words, and falling over before leaving.

But Newbury returned later that day, saying men wanted to kill him.

He was told to leave the premises but refused to, throwing stones at windows and only leaving when the manager threatened to call police.


Speaking on his own behalf, Newbury called the police officers who had later come to his room at The Commercial in Hereford's Commercial Road "cheeky buggers".

"They walked into my room when I was on the toilet without even knocking," he said.

He admitted swearing but said he had been talking to himself and that none of what he had said was aimed at anyone else.

"My mate attacked me and said he wanted to put my head in and that's why I was swearing, so if I've got two black eyes next time you see me, that's why," he said.

Newbury, 28, was handed a six month conditional discharge and must pay a £22 victim surcharge. No costs order was made due to his means.