HEREFORD Lads Club manager Danny Moon thought the referee during his side’s 2-2 draw with Malvern Town was ‘arrogant and didn’t know the rules’.

Moon was sent off along with forward Jordan Burke, after the forward had rescued his side a point with a terrific header.

MATCH REPORT: Burke’s bullet header earns Hereford Lads Club draw

“The game exploded, again poor officiating the referee has again caused his own show,” said Moon.

“The arrogance of these officials when they are paid a lot of money, clubs like us and players getting punished for the poor inconsistency of the referees who are arrogant and think they are above football.

“If you are going off Jordan Burke’s two yellow cards then Jay Sauntson is red carded for the same tackle which doesn’t happen.

“The referee decides off his own back, he doesn’t know the rules and he needs to have a look if he’s going to carry on refereeing.

“He is causing a lot of people not to want to play football as there’s no consistence. That probably tells you why 2,000 people have stopped playing football around Great Britain.

“If I’m honest I’ve had a guts full of them, they’re arrogant, they don’t want to talk to you and it seems to be all about them.

“He’s show today, laughing in people’s faces, the arrogance is beyond belief.”