HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling says teenage midfielder Harry Pinchard needs a period of rest to overcome an Osteitis pubis injury.

The 19-year-old who started his career at Cardiff City was given a two-year contract at Edgar Street after impressing earlier in the season.

However, Pinchard has been absent in recent weeks after suffering a groin strain and is set for more time on the sidelines.


“Harry has got a thing called Osteitis pubis which is a thing I had when I played so I know a lot about it,” said Gowling.

“Basically, it’s your abdominal muscles pulling on your pubic bone. It’s not very nice. He had some issues with his back before he came to us.

“Sometimes you compensate with your abdominal muscles when you are twisting and turning your core.

“That has just pulled on his pubic bone a little bit so he needs a period of rest for that to settle down.

“Hopefully it will settle down but if it doesn’t then we’ll look to give him a little jab to settle that down further.

“Hopefully then he’ll be back in contention. We just want to get him right. What we don’t want is in the last couple of week he has been training and then not training, getting on the bench and then not.

“First and foremost, it’s player welfare and we want to make sure we get him right. We’re going to give him a period of rest and then once that’s over re-assess him to see what’s the next course of treatment.”