A HEREFORD business is celebrating the 10th birthday of one of its restaurants.

Independent restaurant group A Rule of Tum opened the Burger Shop in Hereford 10 years ago, marking the beginning of its journey, and has since added three more restaurants in the city.

Situated next to the Burger Shop are the Bookshop, Leaven Pizza and Maneki Ramen. Connecting them is the Yard, a shared space for the four restaurants based in Aubrey Street.

The Yard allows customers to mix and match their orders from any or all of the menus at the four restaurants. Guests can pick their seat, with no bookings taken, order by QR code from any of the four restaurants on site, and buy drinks directly from the bar, while food will be brought out to them.

Hereford Times: The Yard is a flexible and unique dining experienceThe Yard is a flexible and unique dining experience (Image: Rob Davies)

A Rule of Tum brands the Yard as Hereford's answer to Boxpark, a food and retail park first launched in Shoreditch before opening locations in Croydon and Wembley, promising visitors a "personalised feast".

It is this flexibility that makes the Yard a unique venue in the city, with A Rule of Tum founder Dorian Kirk emphasising the innovative nature of the business: "Our success is a testament to the passion and precision we pour into every dish."

He said the business' "unique dining experience" is an example of A Rule of Tum "trailblazing" in Hereford. 

"We're thrilled to continue sharing our love for great food with people," he said.

Mr Kirk runs the company alongside Jon Stead and his brother Edwin Kirk

A Rule of Tum's restaurants have also been attracting huge attention online, with 1.1 million views on a Burger Shop post on the Worcester Blue burger, and over two million on the Bookshop's mashed potato recipe.


They've been working with Worcester-based studio 773C on the online content, which has proved to be a massive hit on sites like TikTok. Adam Edney of 773C said: "A Rule of Tum's dedication to quality and innovation is what sets them apart, and it's been an honour to help them showcase that to the world."

The Burger Shop and Leaven Pizza are open seven days a week, with the Bookshop and Maneki Ramen open from Thursday to Sunday.

Maneki was the most recent of the restaurants to launch, opening its doors earlier this month.