SMOKE has been spotted pouring from a Herefordshire bank this morning.

Santander, in Ross-on-Wye's High Street, has been enveloped in the smoke. 

But it is understood from a witness at the scene that the incident is not a fire, but instead is believed to be a security system that has been triggered while work is being carried out outside the building. 

The scene is believed to have been caused by a security fog system which is designed to repel would-be intruders by disorientating them.


According to fire and security specialists Pyrosec, the devices can be connected to a suitable alarm system which triggers the smoke cloak when an intruder is detected.

The system then emits harmless smoke at high speed, the company said, reducing visibility to a few inches. 

Manufacturer SmokeCloak says their fogging product, which was first launched in 1993, is now often specified by insurers and protects everything from military stores to banks.

The company says the 'smoke' pumped out by the machines is similar to the substance used in theatres, discos and e-cigarettes.