A PASSIONATE young entrepreneur from Herefordshire is moving to a bigger shop just months after opening.

Marshall Steadman, 20, is the founder of Gemz Garms, a second-hand vintage designer shop.

He said his mission is to make designer clothing more affordable for Herefordshire, having been selling products online for the last two years.


In December, he opened a shop in Hereford Butter Market, in High Town, but is now moving the short distance to Widemarsh Street.

Mr Steadman, who describes himself as a young entrepreneur, said he was super excited to announce the move, which will happen "over the next few weeks".

"This means a lot more space and a lot more stock," he said.

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"Best prices and the best pieces available both in-store and online. Our mission is to make insane outfits at any price range, whether it’s from sourcing rare designer pieces or some crazy old skool pieces."

He added: "Keep an eye out because this shop is going to be truly special."

When opening the shop in the Butter Market, Mr Steadman said: " "I'm looking to build my brand and establish my company as part of the city very quickly.

"I'm a young entrepreneur with a huge ambition to bring something unique to the city and feel as if I can offer a lot of value to my hometown."


He said he decided to open the shop so he can be proud and showcase his collection of items to the public.

"I have a really strong passion for the industry," he said.

"I'm hoping it will open new doors for myself and help me build new skills to help my company continue to thrive and expand into new ventures in the near future."