James Corden has been "banned" from the popular Hereford burger restaurant The Beefy Boys.

In a Facebook post, The Beefy Boys, based at Old Market Shopping Centre, said it would be banning the Gavin and Stacey star after an incident in New York.

The actor and comedian, 44, was briefly barred from Balthazar in Manhattan last week after owner Keith McNally claimed he had been “extremely nasty” to staff on two separate occasions.

Mr McNally, who has operated a number of high-profile restaurants in the city since the 1980s, later revoked the ban after claiming to have received an apologetic call from the star.

Corden addressed the incident during an interview with the New York Times that was planned before the spat.


Responding to the idea he could have cancelled the interview, he said: “I haven’t done anything wrong, on any level. So why would I ever cancel this? I was there. I get it.

“I feel so zen about the whole thing. Because I think it’s so silly. I just think it’s beneath all of us. It’s beneath you. It’s certainly beneath your publication.”

The Beefy Boys said: "Following in the footsteps of New York restaurant Balthazar, we too have decided to ban James Corden. He hasn’t done anything to upset us, we just don’t find him very funny."

The post attracted 17,000 reactions, 1,600 comments and 648 shares.

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But one comment defended Corden, accusing The Beefy Boys of "bullying".

But in response, the award-winning restaurant said: "It was a joke based off a recent news story to make some of our customers chuckle.

"Of course, he’s not really banned. Sorry if it upset you no offence intended."


It added: "We do understand, having seen people scream and shout at waitresses in the past we did have very little sympathy for him. All the best though I can tell your comments come from a good place."

Corden announced in April that he was stepping down as the host of The Late Late Show in the US.

He is said to have extended his contract with CBS to present the show for one more year before finishing in the summer of 2023.

Corden’s representatives have been approached for comment.