A NERVOUS Radio 2 listener from Ross-on-Wye has taken part in the station's popular PopMaster music quiz.

The quiz, on Ken Bruce's show between 9.30am and midday, sees two contestants go head-to-head with a series of questions about pop music.

Catharine Jones, from Ross-on-Wye, said she was nervous as she introduced herself to presenter Gary Davies, sitting in for Bruce, on Monday (October 24).


The mum-of-two said she is currently taking a career break but is hoping to return to her job as a health visitor and trained mental health nurse.

She said she loves reading and crocheting, as well as watching Netflix with her daughters Lucy and Lily.

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She has recently been watching The Vampire Diaries and the show about American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.


On the quiz, she joked she was hoping for a score higher than three, but she was pitted against Scott Wilson from South Queensferry in Scotland.

But Ms Jones finished with six points, lower than Mr Wilson's 18.

She then shouted out her daughters and wider family and friends but gave a special mention to Oliver who is six today (Monday).