SUSPICIOUS shoppers have been reported at a number of shops in one Herefordshire town.

Two men were reported to have entered several independent and chain shops and businesses on July 4, said Leominster police constable Adam Stobbart. 

The men had been seeking to purchase large quantities of cigarettes and vapes worth between £600 and £2,000, PC Stobbart said, which they attempted to buy using a card.


PC Stobbart said no criminal activity can be proven at this time, but that officers are concerned about a national increase in 'chargeback fraud', which occurs when a consumer makes a purchase, often online with their bank card.

They then request a chargeback from the issuing bank after raising a dispute over receiving the purchased goods or service, knowing that they are lying to the bank.

In addition, questions have to be asked as to the legitimacy of the bank card they are using, the rightful owner and their intentions for buying such a large quantity of products, PC Stobbart said, while bank notes should also be carefully checked.