JUST like D Johnson of Hereford (Letters, June 20), I too have experienced an act of totally unexpected kindness recently.

I work as a volunteer one day a week in a charity shop in Ross, and when I open up I always browse the shelves to see what’s new.

Recently a lovely metal barge art jug appeared, painted in vivid green with red roses... I turned it over to find the price and it was £8, which I thought a little expensive so put it down again.


Later on in the day a gentleman came in and was inspecting it as I did earlier and I commented that I had fallen in love with it too but thought it a bit pricey.

He just nodded and continued to browse the shelves.

Later, as he was leaving, he came to the county and said “if you’d like that jug I’d like to put £3 towards it for you”.

I was totally bowled over by his gesture and told him so, but declined his offer as I could have afforded it but felt overwhelmed by that kind thought from a total stranger.

Throughout the rest of the day I shared the story with others who came in and I’m certain we all felt the potential ripple effect of his kind gesture, as it had caused me to recall a very simple but profound statement we have been taught many (over 80!) years ago... “If you’ve had a kindness shown, pass it on. T’wasn’t meant for you alone. Pass it on.”

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I had also been praying that he would come into the shop at some stage so that I could thank him properly... and it happened last week!

He came in with his wife, and when I relayed the story to her, and his actions did not surprise her. Her response was “he’s always thinking of others”.

How blessed D Johnson and I have been to have encountered such people in our everyday lives. People who bless others just by being, and all we can do is say thank you for making this world a better place.