A HEREFORDSHIRE street has reportedly been targeted by vandals.

According to Leominster local Jan Lockett, a group of men in their twenties to thirties attempted to destroy street planters and damage a shopfront on Drapers Lane at around 6 am on June 27.

Both locals and council workers pulled together to clean up the mess after the destruction in the pretty town street.

By the time businesses opened for the day, much of the soil and debris had been removed, but some of the planters were still visibly disturbed and dirt still clung to the former J’adore shopfront.


Sally Powell said: “I've re-planted some of the pulled out plants, fingers crossed they'll be ok.

“We get so many visitors commenting on how lovely the planters are, it's horrible to see them vandalised this way.”

Leominster works every year to put on a great floral display through the town, with both locals and organisations putting in the effort.

The town is now gearing up for this year's In Bloom judging on July 12.