HISTORICALLY, management of our rivers was conducted by local farmers and landowners through river management boards.

The Blair Government in 2000 passed the European Water Framework Directive. This effectively ‘outlaws’ dredging by the back door. Dredging is not allowed without approval from the Environment Agency.


The result is increased flooding throughout Herefordshire and the UK! Bureaucrats and eco-zealots blame climate change!

Kingsland farmer John Price was jailed as a warning to farmers and landowners. He could have been more restrained with the treatment of the riverbanks, but my guess is that there was a massive build-up of silt at the bottom of the river, as well as deteriorating river edges, caused by the lack of regular maintenance. And flooding does appear to have been alleviated.

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Dredging not only secures riverbanks it also removes silt from the riverbed; pollutants and foreign bodies. This stops water stagnating and maintains the river’s health as well as increasing capacity.

Responsible landowners should be allowed to regularly dredge rivers and prevent the misery, caused by flooding, being inflicted on many homes unnecessarily!