A NEW phone box topper has wowed locals in one Herefordshire town.

A woollen display themed around the iconic sixties and seventies children's TV show, the Magic Roundabout, has been placed atop a phone box in Leominster’s West Street.


The memorial decoration was created by the Pom Ladies of Leominster, who also created the D-Day memorial topper that can be seen on Worcester Road, near the town’s railway station.

West Street’s multicoloured topper features a number of characters from the programme, including Dougal, Florence, Ermintrude and Brian the snail.

The decoration also celebrates the works of Leominster in Bloom by featuring a number of colourful flowers and butterflies around the circumference of the topper, with a prominent anthropomorphic sunflower taking pride of place in the centre of the art piece.

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Locals have been quick to take to social media to share their appreciation of the commemorative art piece.

Sue Burrows said: “So lovely, like the one down by train station.

“Those girls are so talented.”

And Jennifer Davies said: “So clever, well done.”