A NEW youth theatre project has been launched for young adults with learning or physical disabilities in Herefordshire

About Face youth theatre will be opening in The Tomkins Theatre, Hereford and is open to young adults with disabilities, aged 18 – 25, who love acting, dancing, making music, singing and being creative with friends. The theatre will be launched on September 11 and will run from 9am - 3pm every Wednesday.

Currently providing a wide range of opportunities for people with learning and other disabilities to grow in confidence through performance-based skills, About Face represents one of a handful of professional UK companies working with actors with disabilities.

Everything you need to know to apply for the theatreEverything you need to know to apply for the theatre (Image: ECHO charity)

The organisation has a strong reputation for delivering high quality theatre to festivals, community halls and operates school projects for which their work is recognised and supported by The Arts Council of England.


Jess MacKenzie, Artistic Director of About Face, said: “This is going to be a great opportunity to develop About Face theatre, we are so excited to be able to run a theatre group for young people where they will learn not only theatre skills but also skills to help them enter the workplace in the future.”

Ms MacKenzie is also very grateful for The Elmley Foundation’s financial assistance, as their “generous support has made this possible.”

The youth theatre’s opening is to be accompanied by a very exciting job opportunity, as the group will be recruiting two staff members for the project. If you are interested in joining the youth theatre, you can get in touch with Jess MacKenzie with the details in the poster above or ECHO themselves, either as a new actor or staff member.