A BBC crew has paid a visit to a Herefordshire landmark.

A team from BBC Radio Four recorded an episode of ‘PM’ in a room in Leominster’s Grange Court on June 19 as part of their ‘election tombola’, an ongoing series discussing local and national political issues in the lead-up to next month’s general election.


The broadcast centred around farming, pollution and the price of food, topics that are especially important to the constituency of North Herefordshire.

The show's host, Evan Davis, also discussed with journalist Nicola Goodwin about the possibility of MP Sir Bill Wiggin losing the seat he has held for decades. They talked about the ongoing confusion over wether tactical voters in the constituency should vote for Labour or the Green Party.

Additionally, the show touched upon the deteriorating health of the River Wye, with particularly concern about not just sewage but also the run off of manure from chicken farms, which increases phosphate levels in the water. Mr Davis spoke to local farmer Ben Chilman about the issue.

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“The thing that is always missed out of the argument is the fact that the river wye has always been an area which has been high in phosphates historically,” said Mr Chilman on the show.

“Now we have added to that with intensification of industry to produce food on the table and we need to go about looking after those manures in the best way.

“All the time people are trying to come up with best practice to not be the reason.”