A Herefordshire wine buff is heading to Hungary this weekend to help judge an international wine competition.

Described on the Winelover’s Wine Awards’ (WWA) website as “a passionate wine explorer,” John Prime from Goodrich has been invited to form part of the judging panel at the WWA in Budapest.

The WWA is an annual competition to showcase the wines and winemakers of Central and Eastern Europe and beyond in front of an international jury, including five Masters of Wine and two Master Sommeliers. In 2023, the awards featured 839 entries from 13 countries, in front of a jury of 65 members from 16 countries.

Mr Prime from Goodrich is a passionate wine connoisseur Mr Prime from Goodrich is a passionate wine connoisseur (Image: Richard Prime)


Mr Prime works as a freelance educator, certified sommelier, and consultant, and recognises how “here in the UK, we’re much more used to wines from France, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand and we don’t really think about Central and Eastern Europe.”

“I’m really looking forward to meeting some of the winemakers and trying some exciting new wines,” Mr Prime said.

Judging will take place from June 28 to 30, and the all-important results will be published on July 22.