A HEREFORDSHIRE fashion and sportswear business has opened its new headquarters at the former Debenhams shop in Hereford’s Old Market.

MandM, which has been based in Leominster for 30 years, has moved 280 staff members to its new Hereford base on the first and second floors of the building, while its Moreton-on-Lugg distribution centre also remains in business.

The building has undergone some major changes since its last use as a department store. Debenhams closed its Old Market branch on May 12, 2021, after the chain collapsed in late 2020. The shop has remained empty since, before the upper floors were brought back to life by MandM

A diverse office space, MandM's new home even features a kitchenA diverse office space, MandM's new home even features a kitchen (Image: MandM)

MandM tasked ADT Workplace architects to create an office environment that promotes sustainability, creativity, and inclusivity.


Holly Simpson, interior designer at ADT Workplace, said: “Central to the design is a striking architectural staircase,” and the entire office’s design concept “takes inspiration from Scandinavian design principles, which has an emphasis on simplicity, minimalism and functionality to enhance comfort, collaboration and productivity.

MandM's statement, centrepiece staircaseMandM's statement, architectural staircase is the centrepiece (Image: MandM)

“We have loved working with the MandM team,” said Ms Simpson.

MandM chairman Mike Tomkins  said: “We are delighted that MandM is relocating to our new offices in the city of Hereford. As we continue to grow our business and invest in our infrastructure and colleagues, it’s now the right time for us to expand and find a new home which allows us to continue that growth trajectory.

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“With the workforce coming into the office, we expect that our move will have a positive impact on the area, adding anywhere between £500,000 and £1 million to the local economy a year,” – not to mention the numerous, substantial charity contributions MandM have made.

The new office has a minimalistic, modern, yet comfortable aesthetic The new office has a minimalistic, modern, yet comfortable aesthetic (Image: MandM)

“The move also brings about new opportunities. We currently have 11 vacancies and are recruiting for several job roles ranging from sustainability managers to IT developers to join the team at our new office.”

A function room that MandM have softened with a warm, circular light fixingMandM's function room is softened by a warm, circular light fixing (Image: MandM)

Vicky Morgan, one of MandM’s longest-serving employees, said: “The new facilities will make a massive difference in our day-to-day operations, and it is exciting to have witnessed the business grow over the past 20 years.

"I have always enjoyed working at MandM – the people and spirit are brilliant and now we will have great new surroundings to match.”