YOU ask if I will change the way I vote in the forthcoming election.

Like many of my friends, I don’t know. I am waiting – with ever-decreasing patience – for one of the parties to include serious and significant consideration for the rural counties in its manifesto.

Our rural counties may not have many voters but we have a hugely important role in maintaining food security.


We are also central to good environmental management, including eco-tourism with particular benefits in physical and mental well-being, and to developing air and water quality.

We need a robust agricultural policy and strong support for all the occupations which depend on the land or which are needed universally such as the medical and teaching professions.

What are your thoughts?

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If London-centric policy makers continue to regard the coast and countryside as simply giant building sites or desirable places for second homes (not to be visited between October and March) the whole nation will suffer. And, sadly, the ruination of the countryside is not easily undone.

I notice in the HT Farming page this week (June 6) that I am not alone in my concern about the lack of “respect for communities like ours”. But how do we make ourselves heard?

Who is listening?