MAJA Storey’s letter of June 6 asking why a Bodenham resident is so opinionated about Corn Square does not reflect the feelings of all Leominster residents.

She says the people of Leominster voted for the original plan for the square yet I, being a Leominster resident, don’t know of one resident who did or was even aware there was a consultation going on.

What are your thoughts?

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The first time I was aware of the plan was going into the shoe shop and finding the assistants reading a pamphlet that had been delivered by the town council, wondering what their future employment situation was going to be.

The pamphlet said that business owners and residents had been consulted and were in full agreement with the plan. As far as the shop assistants were aware, the owners of the shoe shop had not been consulted.

It was obvious from the out pouring in the following few weeks of the delivery of that pamphlet to the businesses, that any consultation had been very selective. If it was delivered to residents, I never received a copy.