THREE fan-favourite dishes at the Yard in Hereford, a dining space which incorporates several different restaurants in one location, have been making waves on social media.

A Rule of Tum, the business that owns and operates the Yard and its neighbouring restaurants the Bookshop, Burger Shop, Leaven Pizza and Maneki, invited the Hereford Times to try some of its most popular dishes.

These were the Bookshop's mash, Maneki's smashed cucumber salad, and the Burger Shop's Worcester Blue burger. Two of us went along to taste the dishes and see if they live up to the hype they've been getting online.

We were given the food free of charge at our visit, but you can find menus and prices on the restaurants' websites.

At the Yard, you can mix and match your order from any of the different restaurants, which meant we could enjoy all three dishes from three different restaurants, all from the same table.

Here is everything you need to know about the dishes, including what's in them.


It isn't a stretch to imagine that a renowned restaurant like the Bookshop would make an amazing take on a classic dish like mash. But this truly was unlike any other mash I've tried before.

Flavour-wise, it doesn't veer too far from the familiar, but that said it was just so perfectly creamy and smooth.

The mash was definitely my favourite thing we tried. Cameron doesn't usually like mash, and even he said this tasted good.

The mash contains potatoes, milk, cream, butter, roast garlic and seasoning.

Smashed cucumber salad

The smashed cucumber salad is a side dish that really packs a punch with a strong kick of flavour.

The ingredients are cucumber, black vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, mirin, Lao Gan Ma, garlic, ginger, katsu seasoning, chilli oil, furikake and scallions.

This is a great choice if you want a light side dish to go with the rest of your food, or could be enjoyed as a starter.


Worcester Blue burger

It's no secret that the Burger Shop's burgers are some of the most delicious in Hereford, despite fierce competition from other popular restaurants like the Beefy Boys, and Cameron said that this was incredible.

The Worcester Blue burger comes with two pressed grass-fed beef patties, Worcester blue cheese, beer onions, roast garlic mayo, ketchup, baby gem and a brioche bun.

Click here to read Cameron's full review of the burger.