FEARS have been raised over overgrown grass verges on a Herefordshire road.

Concern has been expressed regarding the state of the verges along the B4361 Hereford Road in Newton, near Leominster.

Many have felt that the unkempt foliage beside the road has become visually obstructive, posing a threat to drivers who are unable to see oncoming traffic.

A number of locals have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction.


Peter Mosinki said: “The grass verges from Leominster old road to Cadbury roundabout are so overgrown it's almost impossible to see oncoming traffic.

“Verging on dangerous.

“Come on Leominster Council. It's time to shout out to Hereford and stand up for The Leominster people.”

Kevin Davies said: “Nothing to do with the town council. It's either Herefordshire Council or the local parish lengthsman to cut the grass verges.

“Some parish councils ask for verges not to be cut because of the wildflowers. Personally I'd rather be able to see the oncoming traffic rather than cow parsley.”