I NOTE that Herefordshire has found a new way, after potholes, of snaring the unwary driving visitor to Herefordshire so he can’t find his way.

I refer to road signs. Road signs have either the wrong road number (see recent Hereford Times stories), are smashed beyond repair and left lying in the ditch after recent crashes (an example by Eardisland), have a village name spelt incorrectly (Barewood not Bearwood), or are just too dirty or rusty to be legible – shouldn’t they be washed regularly?

What are your thoughts?

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But the main cause of problems is greenery obscuring the signs. The sight lines to a road sign, not just in front of the road sign, need to be clear of greenery and other obstacles, otherwise they are easy to miss, and an accident could result.


What is most laughable is when hedge cutting occurs. The hedge is cut all the way up to a road sign and the greenery around the road sign is left, making it totally invisible. It can’t be that difficult for the people cutting hedges to fix this with a manual implement.

But then, maybe Herefordshire Council wants its visitors to drive round in circles until they get fed up and leave the county for the nice, straight, fast, and well maintained roads in Wales.