Here are our top ten of Herefordshire’s planning applications and decisions in what was a busy month for new developments in the county.

  • A plan to build a 120-home estate to the west of Bromyard, which county councillors refused last year, could still go ahead as it has now gone to a planning appeal. More.
  • The latest phase of a large development to the northeast of Ross-on-Wye has been approved – enabling Edenstone Homes to build 12 three-bedroom and four two-bedroom houses of which six will be affordable. More.
  • Hereford is to get a new centre for diagnosing and catching life-threatening diseases early, off the A49 Holmer Road to the north of the city. More.
  • Plans have been put forward for nine smaller houses north of Church Way in Holmer, on the northern edge of Hereford. More.
  • A proposal to knock down a disused and unappealing block of flats in Ross-on-Wye and replace it with a larger unit of six flats have finally been approved. More.


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  • There was little opposition to a plan to knock down rural Herefordshire pub, the Tram Inn near Allensmore, and replace it and neighbouring buildings with new business units and a “gospel hall”. More.
  • Meanwhile a bid to open a new, “old-style” pub in a former shop in Ledbury’s conservation area has been knocked back, over traffic and conservation concerns. More.
  • Plans for a new 18-home estate in the village of Eardisley south of Kington, of which six are to be affordable, have finally been approved.
  • And Eardisley’s disused Methodist chapel can be turned into holiday accommodation, despite local concerns over parking and noise. More.
  • A plan to convert one a Hereford public toilet into a homeless “pod” have been criticised by clergymen from the neighbouring church. More. But more city toilets could now also be converted. More.