A CALL has been issued for car parking charges to be scrapped in a Herefordshire town amid ongoing improvement works.

North Herefordshire parliamentary candidate Sir Bill Wiggin has struck out against the county council over works taking place in a Herefordshire town centre, publicly revealing that he has sent a letter to Paul Walker, chief executive officer of Herefordshire Council, regarding the measures put in place to support businesses in Leominster whilst the Corn Square is closed for improvement works.


In the letter Sir Bill stated that he had been contacted by a number of concerned locals about the lack of progress being made by workers in the square, going as far to say that it appears that work has halted completely.

He requested that Mr Walker should deal with the matter at the earliest opportunity to ensure that the works are finished as quickly as possible so that the lives of business owners and locals can return to normal.

He also asked for Mr Walker to consider suspending car parking charges while work proceeds.

Some people in the town believe that Sir Bill’s letter does not go far enough, however.

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A spokesperson for the Gift Monger said: “Problem is that you obviously don't realise they are still on phase 1a which is basically the ‘High Street’.

“If you would like to visit the town I could show you the roadworks, the impact to Corn Square will only get worse as they move through the project.

“The very fact that you only mention Corn Square leaves me to believe you don't understand the impact it is having on all of the town.”