BUSINESS owners n Ross-on-Wye have talked about their devastation after torrential rain battered the town.

Both Broad Street and Brookend Street experienced severe damage, with the roads and pavements being ripped up following yesterday's deluge. 

Water also entered many shops in the town, and now the clean up operation is underway.  


"It's devastating because the water is drainage so is full of dirt and bacteria," said Sally Power, who runs Relics antique shop in Brookend Street.

"I have a car full of rugs and fabrics that are not retrievable so are lost forever.

"All of the shops down there are water and the water came through the side.

"We live 20 minutes away and didn't have that much, but Ross had it quite bad. We can accept it when the river floods because we are on a floodplain and it happens once in 20 years.

"But what is less accepting is when it's a drainage issue." 

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Sari Walker, from nearby Little Chic Children's Clothes and Toys Boutiques, said that she closed the shop at 4pm on Sunday, but within an hour heard it had flooded.

"We've got baby clothes and kids toys all over the floor, destroyed," she said.

"I've got five machines to keep it dry but it is still very squelchy."

"We don't get insurance for flooding anymore but we understand we can get council support.


A Herefordshire Council spokesperson said: “Following recent weather conditions, there has been significant damage sustained to Broad Street in Ross on Wye.

"For safety reasons, we have instated a full road and footway closure on one side, which is affecting approximately 15 premises, and we are looking to establish temporary footway access to the affected properties.

“Our teams are currently working to understand the cause of the issue and teams are on standby to carry out the necessary works as soon as is safe and possible.

"We are aware that a number of businesses have experienced internal flooding, and we will be offering support to those affected."