THE May Fair is back in Hereford and I had a trip around it to see what I could get for £15.

Over the years, like many things, prices of rides, games and even candy floss have gone up at the fair.

You can rack up quite the bill at this annual event, but with the high cost of living, many families will be looking to save money while still having fun.

With just £15 to spend on myself, I certainly had to be savvy about which rides to go on and what to buy.

The fair was lively when I went just after it opened on Tuesday (May 7) at 4pm, with plenty of rides, games and food around town.

My first port of call was to see if I could win any prizes on some of the games. I tried my luck at a darts game which cost £4, but failed miserably and walked away empty-handed.

I then came across a classic hook-a-duck stall which was a prize every time. Given my skill, or lack of, on the darts, I decided this would be a good bet. I won a little octopus toy from the array of options, having spent another £4.

Hereford Times: There was a range of rides at the May FairThere was a range of rides at the May Fair (Image: Rob Davies)

Many of the classic rides like the helter-skelter and waltzers were there. I opted for a go on the Ferris wheel, costing £3.50.

There were other stalls with classic fair food like hot dogs and burgers, but to satisfy my sweet tooth I stuck to candy floss, a sweet traditional snack that is so popular at the May Fair. A bag of candy floss cost me £2.50.


All in all, a couple of games, a ride, and a candy floss later, I spent £14, coming in under budget.

Although everything has gone up in price from previous years, the availability of card payments offers convenience and saves rummaging around for loose change or taking out cash to be able to enjoy the fair.

I had a great time at the May Fair this week, and would recommend it to anyone with kids, or those who are still big kids at heart!