COMPLAINTS about footpath problems in a Herefordshire village are on the rise. 

Gates have been left open despite there being signs asking for them to be closed, while house bricks have been placed in a puddle in front of a stile.

That is according to Councillor Stephen Crane, the chairman of Wellington Parish Council, in recently published minutes.


The council was told that there was now a volunteer coordinator for footpaths, whose role was to coordinate the work, with things hopefully improving. 

"The new owner of Bankside was at the meeting had met with Coun Crane and suggested the path will be fenced off giving a three-metre path, which is above the minimum requirement," reads the minutes. 

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"The footpath broadly followed the hedge line, and this would provide the plan for installing the fence.

The surface of the path had been discussed and, if it was not a natural path, there should be no surface holes that could cause a hazard to walkers."

Coun Crane said, from a footpath perspective, there were no issues with what the owner was suggesting, adding that he would work closely with the resident to ensure the pathway was safe for people to walk on, and wildflowers were promoted, with wildlife enhanced.