A HEREFORD couple has opened a new aesthetic clinic in Hereford.

VA Aesthetics, based in Union Street, is medic-led clinic that provides a wide range of treatments, such as microscopic ear wax removal, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkles treatment, skin boosters, fat dissolving treatment, and k laser skin tightening and much more.

It has been opened by Dr Rasha Osman and her husband, Dr Mazin Madani. 


Dr Osman is a dentist by profession, but said she has always been interested in aesthetics.

"I used to work in Saudi Arabia but moved to Hereford three years ago," she said.

"My husband works as an A&E doctor, and it was a nice place to raise a family. I have always had a passion for aesthetics.

"When I came here, I needed to work, but it took me a long time to get a [dentist] licence.

Hereford Times: Dr Mazin Madani and Dr Rasha Osman have opened VA Aesthetics in Union Street, HerefordDr Mazin Madani and Dr Rasha Osman have opened VA Aesthetics in Union Street, Hereford (Image: Rob Davies)

"I worked in aesthetics until I got my registration number and I found myself loving it. I used to work in London for an aesthetic clinic and I loved it so much.

"We provide all aesthetic treatments, laser treatments, surgical facelifts, hair removals, fillers, and botox."

Bookings can be made via the clinic's fresha site and app. 

All treatments are provided by General Medical Council (GMC) registered NHS doctors, with the latest technology being used.  Dr Osman says because she does not have a registration, she only provides aesthetic services.  

For more information, visit thevaaesthetics.co.uk