STREET works to improve streets in one Herefordshire town have been given the thumbs up by local chiefs.

The works, which closed streets in Bromyard this year, have now been completed.

They were carried out as part of Herefordshire Council's Market Town Highway Improvements project. 


In a decision published in June last year, Herefordshire Council said £200,000 would be assigned to each Herefordshire market town for works including resurfacing, drainage, and traffic regulation order schemes.

The works carried out have seen part of the town's High Street resurfaced, a new pedestrian crossing installed in Cruxwell Street, road markings reconfigured at the junction of High Street and Cruxwell Street, and on-street parking moved to the right-hand side of the road in Cruxwell Street. 

And the town council's traffic management committee said in April that members were "satisfied" with the works.

The works were just some of a number of wish-list items submitted to Herefordshire Council by the town council last year. 

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They included the construction of the pedestrian crossing, with a budget of £50,000, the prohibition of vehicles from the town's Frog Lane, with a budget of £10,000, and the relocation of a bus stop on the A44 in the town, with a budget of £95,000.

A proposed traffic regulation order has been submitted to Herefordshire Council for Frog Lane, but the bus stop relocation was deemed not to be feasible within the project timescales, with councillors told in January this year that it would need further consultation locally and with bus operators before it could be considered.

"Additionally the scheme would require further detailed design and potentially incur extra costs that are not considered representative of best value for money," the minutes said.