THE fire service were called to a house in Hereford yesterday (April 23). 

Four engines - three from Hereford and one from Leominster - were sent to Kingsway, in the College Estate area of the city, at 12.35pm. 

A fire service spokesperson said that smoke was issuing from a washing machine, which was caused by a mechanical defect.

"The appliance was removed from the property," he said.

"A thorough check was carried out using a thermal imaging camera.


"Two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus were on standby during the investigation and the removal of the washing machine.

"There were no casualties and no other emergency services were required."

Fire crews left the scene shortly after 1.07pm.

Smoke issuing from a washing machine is not uncommon. 

A mechanical failure within the washing machine, such as a faulty drum bearing or broken belt, can cause excessive friction and heat, which can lead to smoke.

Earlier this month, the fire service was called to Windermere Road in Hereford after a washing machine was reported to be smoking.